What Is A Preneed Or Funeral Insurance?

Death is a topic that people often try to avoid. After all, it is not exactly the most pleasant conversation topic and everybody has this secret wish to dodge it even though death is a certainty that everyone would have to go through at one point or another. So instead of running away from the topic, don’t you think that it is best to prepare for it instead? After all, like they say, everything in life is only for now except for 3 things – bills, paying tax and death. The question is, how exactly do you prepare for death since you do not know exactly when it will happen? Well, you are not the first person to ask that question and that is why preneed insurance is now available for you.

What is a preneed insurance? It is sometimes called funeral insurance. You may wonder why in the world you would need to get one. The reason why people get it is not really for their own sake but for the sake of their family and loved ones. If you think that you are spending so much now while you are alive, then brace yourself because the truth is that even death can be very expensive. For people who do not want to burden their loved ones when they pass away, they pay for their own funeral cost while they are still alive. In this way, when the hour comes, their loved ones will be spared from all the stress and the financial obligations.

So what are inclusive in a preneed insurance? Well it all depends. Some of the funeral products that it usually covers are the cost of cremation, the casket or the urn (depending on your choice), flowers and even embalming. Should you opt to be buried, then the burial services can also be covered in the payment. That usually comes with the burial plot, the vault, the grave liner, funeral vehicles, grave markers and everything else that is used during the ordeal.

The next question that you would usually ask is, how much will it cost you? Again, just like any other insurance, the cost will vary depending on the kind of service that you go for. The more comprehensive your preneed insurance plan is, the higher it will cost you in your monthly premium. The simpler it is, the lower the cost. Again, this will all depend on your choice of policy and your budget for it.

Purchasing a preneed insurance is pretty simple. There are insurance companies that offer this kind of service as well as funeral homes. You simply have to visit their office or even just go online to do your research. At the end of the day, you know that you are doing your family a favor when you get this kind of insurance policy.